3 Secrets to Living a Life Filled with Miracles

3 Secrets to Living a Life Filled with MiraclesThe 3 Secrets to Living a Life Filled with Miracles will be shared during a complimentary webinar. This event is hosted by Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman and is part of the Your Year of Miracles program.

Both Marci and Debra did not start off successful, in fact they had a hard time at one point.  They will share some of their story during this event.  When defining success this not just about money as many think. This is about having success in all areas of your life.


3 Secrets to Living a Life Filled with Miracles

They will share information about living in the Miracle zone.  This zone is an area where you have daily miracles, a way of life that brings balance and success. This event will show you:

  • How to get rid of fear and worry from your life
  • How you can have a career you love while still having monetary success
  • How you can have more fulfilling relationships
  • How you can experience little miracles each day
  • Plus, much more

The though around miracles for many is that it has to be one large event or a rare one.  Marci and Debra explain that that is not the case.  They delve into how you can rid yourself of limiting beliefs allowing miracles to naturally flow in.

Living in The Miracle Zone

Miracles do happen everyday and the more we notice them the more they come.  Many times, we do not see these daily events and therefore are not grateful for them.  When we start to observe these, and embrace them a wellspring of what many would call luck flows into our lives.

There is a certain process that makes it easier to live in this zone. Throughout their years of helping people they have noticed several things that keep miracles at bay.  This webcast along with their complimentary eBook “How to Live a Miraculous Life” reveal the process.

The Miracle Extravaganza

Also during this event you will learn about the upcoming event called the Miracle Extravaganza. This event has several speakers including Ocean Robbins, Jennifer McLean, Claire Zammit, Jessica Ortner, Sandra Joseph, John Newton, and Patty Aubrey.

The Extravaganza may or may not have a replay so I would recommend you attending if you have the time.  The book, the webcast, and the Extravaganza will give you a fresh perspective on the New Year as well as teach you techniques to experience inner peace, balance and success.

The 3 Secrets to Living a Life Filled with Miracles will cover areas of Intention, Joy, Love, Abundance, Peace along with reasons your dreams may be out of reach.  One of the reasons is that we both consciously and unconsciously keep miracles away.

You can attend the event as well as pick up the eBook and attend the Miracles Extravaganza HERE.