About Us

Welcome to Desire and Belief and Thank you for stopping by our site!

If you have been on the personal growth, self-development treadmill you will find that here at D & B we operate a bit different.  We believe that self-improvement is a life-long process however that process does not have to be pricey. Much of what you will find on this site are free events, webinars, resources, sales and so on.  To become a better you does not have to break the bank!

We at D & B also realize that although improving yourself is wonderful the danger of too much self-focus can be quite detrimental, for that reason we write about numerous subjects.  By doing this we cater to any audience and by coming here you can find what type of personal development works for you. Whether you are interested in the Law of Attraction or prefer more streamline subjects like brain training we cover it all and our newsletter does the same.

The D & B Newsletter 90% to 95%  of the time will inform you of free resources, events, downloads  and motivational information, the other percentage is when there is a great deal we think you may not want to miss.  If you have been searching for a self-growth newsletter or reading through the many personal development blogs we hope you will add us to your list.

Each one of us here has been through our own trials and has taken the time to improve ourselves throughout the years, by doing so we have seen the good and the bad of the self-growth world.  Our time was not wasted however, now we help anyone through this site with complimentary, effective, customized resources!

Thank you again we appreciate you!