Bend Reality To Your Will

bend reality to your willCan you Bend Reality to your will? Is it magic? These may be questions that have run through your mind if you have heard anything about this topic. The words themselves sound like something out of a movie but reality bending is not what you may think in fact it can be done and it could be looked at as magic if you call using your mind to create your reality magic.

Vishen Lakhiani Mindvalley Academy founder and personal growth expert is an expert in this area. He draws on his years of personal development and evolution and there is an upcoming masterclass where he will explain this technique. The title of this training is Bending Reality: How To Influence The World With Your Consciousness and is 100 percent free charge. This is an advanced class that will allow you to see things much differently and at deep level as well as experience deep shifts in the way you view reality.

Can you bend reality to your will?

Before we go any further we want to first note that although you may be thinking this is all about the Law of Attraction it is not. According to Vishen your thoughts do not create reality which may seem pretty controversial but it more complex than that. During this webinar he will share with you 5 things you need to know about how you can create your ideal reality:

  • Your thoughts don’t create your reality but your beliefs do
  • Most of your beliefs are unconscious and you have to be able to shift those beliefs.
  • You can speed up or slow down how your beliefs create your reality based on your state of happiness.
  • You must be solid in what you desire and what you want to create in your life experience
  • Family, friends, and others around you create your reality for you as well which is termed unconscious group creation.

Applying some basic principles in the art of bending reality can completely change your life. You will no longer settle and you will become the best you can be. When you become aware of where you are in human consciousness you will experience an expansion of consciousness and realize how malleable the world around you is. During this event you will learn about you a daily tool that you can use so you can become limitless by becoming a successful reality bender. You get to learn the Vishen Lakhiani 6 phase mediation that will allow you to feel calm, resourceful, find and fulfill your life purpose. Finally you discover a 5-minute creative visualization technique to permanently fix problems in your life which will help you see results within anywhere between a few hours to a few days.

This is a very powerful masterclass and if you desire to expand your consciousness and create a life of your dreams you are not going to want to miss this. With everything Vishen will share with you during the Becoming Limitless webinar you will learn to bend reality to your will as well as experience a deep profound shift in understanding.