Dealing With Difficult People and The Law Of Attraction

how to deal with difficult people

I am sure I am not the only one that has found myself surrounded by difficult people.  These people can range from a new group you have just been introduced to, to your own family.  The latter I believe is more difficult because they are your family.

When you are surrounded by these people you may feel negative vibes, hear negative comments, and feel the need to escape.  Those feelings, according to the law of attraction, are your guidance system telling you this is not the right path for you.

What do you do if it is a new group of people you have been subjected to or if it is your family themselves?  How do you separate yourself from these negative surroundings without offending or burning bridges?

To answer this we must first look at the Law of Attraction and what it says about these negative people or surroundings.  It is said that by our thoughts we have created these situations.  For me, and for many others I am sure, that is a difficult pill to swallow.  However, if that is the fact we must pay attention to our thoughts prior to interacting with people.

If we find ourselves in these situations where there may be negativity our thoughts must have led us there.  An example evaluation of these thoughts could be “I hope these people are not unfriendly”  “What if we have nothing in common” or “I hope this family get together was not like the last one.”

These thoughts have created this negative environment you may find yourself in.  So prior to these events a correction of thought is needed.  An example of corrective thoughts may be “I am so glad my family and I will have great conversations today” or “I am excited to meet these new people and make some positive friends.”

This way of thinking will encourage a helpful environment in the future, however what if you are in a negative situation now?  What thoughts do you think, what actions do you do, to create a negative environment into a positive one?

If you find yourself in that situation where you are surrounded by negativity your first thoughts or actions should not be negative, this will just fuel the fire.  You must look for the tiny positives of the situation and many times it may not be the people you are with.

An example of looking for these positives to focus on and think about may be “I am in a beautiful environment”  “I like the shirt that she is wearing; it is very colorful and vibrant.”  These thoughts of course may not fix any negativity of others, but it is not your job to fix, it is your goal to focus on the positive.  These little thoughts will lead to larger, more positive thoughts.

If all else fails, separate yourself from the situation.  Go to the bathroom and reframe your thoughts, make a phone call to a positive friend, or leave all together.  I have been in these situations and although the tips seem minimal you will be surprised at how much they help you in your feeling of relief.

One key point to remember, as mentioned earlier in this article, is to think positive thoughts before going to events and meeting people ahead of time.  The more that can frame your thoughts in a positive manner, the more positive experiences you will have.

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  1. Leaving would be the best way to handle a situation like that. All that means is that individual has some subconscious reprogramming to do. Otherwise, it’s going to happen again, ane again.

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