Diamond Dowsing Home Study Course

You can now take Diamond Dowsing Home Study course by attending a complimentary event. This event is called the Diamond Dowsing fest, it is complimentary, online, and for 6 days you can have access to the sessions with Marie Diamond.

What is Diamond Dowsing?

Many do not know much about Dowsing and when they think of it they think it is just for finding water. You can use dowsing to locate sources of issues such as geopathic stress, interference lines, or negative energy vortexes.

That may sound complicated but they are really naturally occurring phenomena of energy that can have a dramatic effect on you. The knowledge that Marie shares will help with the Earth’s energy.

Dowsing is the process of locating this problems within your environment.  By doing so you can resolve physical, emotional and even financial issues.

Many want answers to the problems they are having but are stuck in the traditional way of finding those answers.  Dowsing is just another way to heal areas of your life where you may feel stuck or out of flow.

diamond dowsing home study courseDiamond Dowsing Home Study Course

Of course usually you have to pay for this course but as mentioned during this 6 day event you can learn it all at no charge.  Marie Diamond will show you how to use dowsing rods and You will learn:

  • The causes of energy disturbances
  • How these affect your surroundings and environment
  • How to use dowsing rods
  • How you can find energy disturbances, energy lines, zones, and vortexes.
  • How to remedy the disturbances you do locate
  • How you can enhance positive energy fields.
  • How to measure the energy in any room
  • how to increase the energy level of an environment
  • How to access a higher energy field
  • How to clear and protect your personal energy
  • How to release stuck energy.
  • Plus much more

Why Attend the Diamond Dowsing Fest?

Well first is free and the course itself is usually quite expensive.  Secondly you will learn about the Earth’s natural vibrations and how if they are disturbed, their energy turns negative.  This can affect many areas of life from health, relationships, abundance, and more. Marie Diamond will address this and goes beyond just telling you about it but also how to remedy it.

If you are a skeptic about EMFs this is also an event you may want to look at.  You will learn about electromagnetic fields studies from power lines, cell phones and towers. These can impact our bodies and affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Again, Marie will explain it all Diamond Dowsing Fest.

When you learn this technique you can find stress lines, negative vortexes that can greatly affect your mood, your families, or your work environment. By finding these you can create harmony.

This is only 6 days and quite the opportunity to Diamond Dowsing Home Study Course at no charge so   By attending this event you can learn to  fix problems that might be showing in your life and take advantage of naturally occurring positive energy vortexes.