Dr. Patrick K Porter

Patrick Porter, PhD is an award-winning author, consultant, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

With 24 years of experience operating one of the largest self-help franchises , he has become a highly sought-after expert within the personal improvement industry.

Dr. Porter has personally trained, instructed, or certified over 35,000 people in Psycho-Linguistics and Neuro-Linguistics and CVR. I was one of the many to have the honor of being trained by Dr. Porter.

Patrick Porter’s techniques have not only helped us on a business level but personal as well. By learning his techniques, we have lowered our stress, and have greater sense of well-being.

Dr. Porter’s techniques have always amazed us and we are glad to say he has amazed us again. He has developed programs available that you can now get online.

Dr. Porter’s different programs, as you can see they target many areas of life. If you have been having any trouble or lack of success in achieving what you want I highly recommend taking a good look at Dr. Porter’s programs.

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Meet Dr. Patrick K. Porter