Healing with the Masters 2016

Healing With The Masters 2016Healing with the Masters 2016 is one of several events that comes around each year that we love to cover. Jennifer Mclean created this event and this is season 17, however this year she is giving so much more and the event in itself was a gift enough. If you have never attended this event or have in past this season will be just as good if not better than the last.

Spontaneous Transformation Movie

This full length movies it one of the additions to this seasons event, it is free as well and features the top wellness leaders and healers around today. Jennifer McLean gathered this experts together due to her own life experience, she sought out these healers and what she learned changed her entire life. This video will transform you as well as open you up to a new way of being as you hear the wisdom of these healers and learn true nature of the soul healing.

Healing with the Masters 2016

For those who have never attended this event is a live interactive series event where you can actually experience online healing for yourself. When you attend this event you have the option to raise your hand virtually and receive your own healing session by working directly with healers. Now when you think of healing physical may come to mind and while this area is certainly covered this event encompasses not only the body but the spirit and the mind. This different speakers and healers come from different modalities but all have helped so many people throughout so many years, in many different areas. To hear the wisdom and teaching of this healers is quite a gift and does not come around that often but there is more.

The movie Spontaneous Transformation and the complimentary pass to the free online healing webcast is so powerful however Jennifer went even further this year. The death of Wayne Dyer struck so many, an although he is not here today physically she has put together a collection of Wayne Dyer interview that contain his most inspiring wisdom for a life well-lived. You will also get to hear a Ram Dass Love special presentation, for those how are not familiar he is international spiritual leader. Finally, as a bonus you will receive J Jennifer McLean’s new book, Spontaneous Transformation – 7 Steps to Coping and Thriving in Extreme Times.

Whether you are struggling with a physical ailment or pain, feel as if you mind is out of control, desire more alignment between the body and spirit, or just want more balance and knowledge in your life the Healing with the Masters 2016 season 17 is a must attend. The extras such as the Jennifer McLean Movie, Book, and interviews will supercharge your healing and transform your life in ways you cannot event imagine. Many have attended this event in the past and have had great shifts in perception and profound healing now you have the opportunity to move into a new state of health, wellness, peace, and abundance. You can learn more HERE.