Raikov Effect Review -Does it Work

raikov effect reviewThe Raikov Effect Review includes information about the product and tells you if the Raikov Effect really works to increase your own natural genius levels. This overview covers what the product is, where it comes from, and answers the question does it really work.

When covering this brain retraining products we always note that everyone is different.  While most mind enhancing products do work for many there are always a select few that it does not.  This many times comes from improper use of the program.


If you are considering trying the Raikov Effect make sure you use it as directed. Many people get excited, purchase a product use it a few times and do not see the results they desire. With any retrain your brain programs you must be willing to put in the time to change.

Think of it this way, you were note born with the fear of heights, you learned it.  For that reason, it will take time to unlearn it and download new information into you brain.

Who is Vladimir Raikov?

Dr. Vladimir Raikov was a Russian neuropsychologist, during his experiments with his students he saw a repeating pattern.  This patterned when triggered would change people into more intelligent, in fact, highly intelligent individuals.

Raikov’s technique involved putting his students into hypnotic trance.  They taken back to when they were younger where learning is prime.  They then would be guided into associating with someone to become good at music  or mastering an instrument.

Deep Trance Identification

Dr. Raikov’s Method was called deep trance identification.  This used hypnosis as a learning process by having the subject would experience the world of another. For example, the subject could actually mode the behaviors, beliefs, and so on of anyone.

While some consider deep trance identification as a new hypnotic process, others have used this method, with great results.

The Raikov Effect Review

With above being said now onto the review. The Raikov Effect is a way to simulate this process from your own home. The company has created a way for an individual to use an MP3 to install beliefs, attitudes, and skills of what they desire.

The actual site has a plethora of choices when it comes to the MP3s.  you can choose greater confidence, self-mastery, deep thinking, and many, many more. You choose the one you want and just follow along with the program.

The program is designed to increase or install in you the patterns you want in any specific area of your life.

Does it Really Work?

When you use this properly you can install new beliefs, behaviors, skills and abilities.  The key is to use it as the program suggests.  You cannot expect the changes to occur without repetition. Just as you learned to be anxious, unmotivated, etc. you can learn to be the opposite.

The company gives you a full year to try the product so if you use it properly you should see some dramatic results.  Although the Raikov Effect review gives you the basis of the program, the proof is in the change you see.  You can learn more by watching this video and gaining access to a further review.