Learn How To Manifest Money

by Trevor Johnson

How to manifest money and prosperity is what most of the people are looking for. Achieving this it’s very simple. You might have to take some important decisions and change some things in your life. For example if you know that you could find a better paying job now it’s the time to do it!

The first step to start manifesting money is to follow the rules of cosmic ordering. Make sure you do some research about this subject. Cosmic order is defined by the ability to make you wish come true by really believing in it!

The problem for how to manifest money can be resolved with working from home. There will be no more need for gas money. Every morning arrange first your home office. Make sure you will enjoy sitting there for a few hours. Work at home and make money doing what you like! This will bring you a lot of satisfaction!

To have a good financial situation you should be able to pay all the bills in time. If you never succeed this than it’s not a question of money. You need to have a better administration! You know what you need every month for the bills. Put that amount of money aside and don’t spend from it on other things.

Do your best to write down every time you will pay for something. At the end of the month you might realize that you should cut off some expenses. You have to auto educate yourself. Give up spending money on useless things and you will save more.

It lies in your hand to manifest money and have a better life. Try to have a better administration and you will be able to take some useful decisions. Change your life and try to boost your self confidence. Only this way you can make it!

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Quit Making Excuses

A few days ago I wrote on the subject 14 reasons to stop making excuses. I explained the motive for making excuses and suggested 14 reasons why we should avoid doing so. This is a follow up to that post and my focus will be; listing 13 ways to stop making excuses. It’s already established that giving excuses attempts to divert the attention from you (the individual) and tries to explain several reasons for not accomplishing or carrying out various tasks. It also puts up a wall of defence for exhibiting particular behaviors such as failing to keep promises, quitting certain habits etc.

Below is a list of ways to stop making excuses

Winston Churchill said Responsibility is the price of greatness. It resumes and ends with you; the choices you must make, the responsibilities to live up to, the attitude you portray, your level of seriousness and commitment etc. In all you do, theres always an element of contribution towards your success/failure.

Examine how well you are fairing in every aspect of your life. Compare where you were yesterday with where you are now with where you aspire to be in the future. Monitor your behaviour, strategies etc. Are they making you head towards the right direction? Are your plans and strategies still effective? If yes, carry on, if no , don’t make excuses, but rather look for alternatives.

Realize your mistakes: As humans, you will always make mistakes. Don’t be hard on yourself. Learn from the experience of failing. Accept responsibility and look for solutions on how to resolve the problems rather than making excuses.

Build your confidence:Making excuses won’t get you anywhere; rather it will just increase your feelings of insecurity.

There are numerous opportunities to shine, improve yourself, grow physically mentally, morally but you won’t know this if you keep making excuses.

Build on your successes: Being successful in anything doesnt come easy and its definitely not cheap. So cherish your successes, let them be a source of encouragement but at the same time look at your flaws. Work on it; be willing to learn from them. Make a list of all your accomplishments and the areas which require further development. Start taking progressive steps to success in every sphere of your life.

Know your limits: Know what you can do or cant do. Don’t do things to please people and get frustrated in the long run and at the same time dont relinquish your duties or responsibilities because you are extremely lazy and isnt interested in any positive outcomes. If you are serious about making progress, don’t make excuses.

Develop a high level of optimism

Accept responsibility: This list won’t be complete without mentioning the fact that we need to own up to our responsibilities. Stand up to your faults, successes, failures etc.

Don’t just sit there and make excuses, think hard and think well!!!

Listen: Learn to listen carefully to people, instructions and conversations. I have discovered that because we are overwhelmed by our fears, worries and inadequacies we do not to listen carefully to whats being said to us and quickly come up with all sorts of excuses.

Don’t be defensive at all. If youre going to stop making excuses, you have to learn to stop being defensive.

Go Forward: Whatever you do, wherever you are, in whatever situations you find yourself go forward!!! Take positive steps in order to advance your growth and personal development. Giving excuses will only create stunted growths in your life. Go forward today. Place that foot forward, don’t make any excuses.

I look forward to your comments, thoughts, ideas and suggestions on ways to stop making excuses

Ayo Olaniyan is a certified Unitive Life Coach and Counsellor. He is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, an accredited professional counsellor with the Counselling Society.You can go to the website Discovering Purpose to read or subscribe to self development articles. Creating a purpose driven life through self development

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How To Find Wealth With Joe Vitale’s Law Of Attraction

by Thomas Farayra

To make money online you need knowledge and accurate intelligence, which you acquire by carefully accessing the various online money making assistants and choosing the ones that will perform reliably to help you make money with the least amount of trouble .

The internet has become the great equalizer, providing self improvement opportunity to those that need it the most. Many businesses are moving onto the internet every day. The longer they stays off-line the sooner they come face to face with the day of their demise, for doing business on the net is here to stay.

How Can People Make Money On the Web?

After doing your research you will start to notice that becoming an affiliate is one of the surest and fastest ways to make money online . You earn money by advertising a product that individuals are interested in. When they make a purchase you earn a nice forty to seventy percent commission. The great thing about making money this way is that you don’t have to be concerned about creating your own product or maintaining an inventory, just do not forget to cash your regular checks.

Wealth and Making Money On The Internet Philosophy !

Some would hint that making money in affiliate marketing is easier said than done, and that is partially true , because achieving anything of value does require some work. The effort expended is what gives you satisfaction after you have accomplished your endeavor. No person ‘worth their salt’ would want it any other way.

The law of attraction governs all things. Its useful expressions in our day to day existence are over shadowed by our state of being. Our state of being is directed by our feeling of self-worth. Thus it seems that attaining this feeling of self-worth is very important, and interestingly this feeling cannot be borrowed, bought or stolen , it has to be worked for , and it is more valuable than money. A person become poor or well off as a result of this feeling of self-worth, which magnetizes and bring into their lives no money or riches .

Coming to the realization of Who and What we are and the purpose for Why we exist will give us new insights into why we work to make money. Being wealthy is a feeling that exists within our heart, it is a state of being. A state that directs the law of attraction to allow more satisfaction into our lives , thus leading to more self improvement. Joe Vitale demonstrated this in the “Greatest Money Making Secret.”

Books such as “Human Operations Manual” and “The Little Money Bible” deals with the nature of money and many other self-empowering topics. There is much more to existence after you have made the cold hard cash and bought all the toys you ever wanted . You should prepare yourself with a balanced philosophy about wealth and stick to it when the big money starts coming in so that you can demonstrate a good example that others can emulate .

Can You Make Money Online Without Applying The Law of Attraction as Taught By Joe Vitale?

The law of attraction that Joe Vitale taught, high lighted to us how we too can pull into our lives whatever our heart desires by just pulling it. This is a process that anyone can learn . It is easy . All of our efforts in life becomes less difficult. It becomes way easier to be successful at making money online with affiliate marketing. You don’t need to go to university to learn the law of attraction principles , they wouldn’t show you the necessary methods of how to excel at making money on the net . If Joe Vitale can do it, so can anyone that put their heart and enthusiasm into it. You are much nearer today than you ever were to freeing yourself from drudgery .

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A Disguised Hypnosis Power-move–“Logical Offsetting”

by Jason Smith

Although Disguised Hypnosis is stuffed with persuasion techniques from one end to the next, one of the most popular techniques is known as “Logical Offsetting”, and whilst there are countless variations of how a persuasion artist can go about “logical offsetting” his opponents, this article will explain the techniques foundations.

First, we must know that “logical offsetting” is part of what Disguised Hypnosis calls, “The Insurance Game”. The Insurance Game, as it’s referred to, is a powerful game that a persuasion artist likes to play in order to get rid of any resistance getting in his way.

In order to be able to logically offset your opponent, you first need to find something that you can use against your opponent as leverage. Then, you use your “insurance” that you have acquired over your opponent to completely “logically offset” any if not all of his resistance.

Although Logical Offsetting is a secretive strategy, this doesn’t mean that people are not unknowingly practicing this technique all of the time. An everyday example of when this happens could be when a child attempts to “offset” his mistakes by reminding his parents of how his parents also made the same mistakes when they were younger.

Once the parents are reminded that they behaved in the same way when they were once young, it becomes difficult to for them to punish their children for something that they themselves also once did. Now, needless to say, Logical offsetting in this scenario may not be powerful enough to get the child off scott free, but it does give the child enough leverage in many cases to buffer the punishment that is handed down through the parents.

And this is exactly what the art of persuasion is about. The Art of Persuasion is about tipping the scales in the favor of the persuasion artist so that the persuasion artist can get what he wants. Logical offsetting is even more powerful when it is combined with other secretive techniques. When persuasion techniques are combined one on top of the other, this is what the persuasion community refers to as “layering” or “stacking”.

“Stacking” is when persuasion techniques are stacked one on the other to manufacture what underground persuasion artists call, “The Invincible Effect”. The Invincible Effect states, among many other things, that even though a persuasion process could in theory be resisted, that it will not be resisted because there are too many factors involved for a person to say no.

This advanced thought process is one of the many things that causes Disguised Hypnosis to remain a superior persuasion product. Everyone wants to acquire strengths, but they never realize that the easiest way to make themselves strong is to utilize the weaknesses all around them in powerful ways that will never be resisted by anyone or anything.

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Best Happiness Quotes to Remember

by Joanne Aika Castillo

Happiness is indeed the most sought after emotion for every person. We always look for ways to achieve happiness by associating it with financial stability, successful careers, and a long and happy marriage. People constantly try to find happiness and more often than not feel that they failed in doing so.

But is it really something we need to look for? Is happiness something we need to work hard for? How can we achieve happiness? Time and time again we hear motivational speakers say happiness is not the end point but a journey. It is the feeling of enjoying and being contented in every stage of life that we go through. If that’s the case then people are probably chasing unhappiness instead of happiness. It seems like there’s a need for us to exercise contentment instead of constantly seeking for happiness.

Here is a collection of five best happiness quotes to read and remember everyday. These quotes on happiness and contentment can help enlighten some common misconceptions of what we think happiness is. There is no doubt that you might have heard most of these quotes from other people, but that is exactly what quotes are for. Quotations on happiness serve as convenient reminders of how to become a happy and contented person. So sit back and enjoy the wisdom of these happiness quotes.

1. If you want to be happy, be. – Leo Tolstoy

– This quote couldn’t be more clear and direct. It emphasizes that happiness is a choice. Although you might have heard these words countless times before, it doesn’t change the fact that happiness is a state of being. It is within our control You can be happy if you want to.

2. Happiness isn’t always doing what you want to do; its doing what you don’t want to do, and being glad you did it. – Jessie Evens Smith

– This is what we call contentment. Being contented is an essential part of being happy. More often than not we are focused on the things we don’t have and not the things that we already have. This goes the same to wanting to become another person rather than fully accepting ourselves despite our flaws. Once we have learned to appreciate our talents and blessings, that’s the time we begin to enjoy who we are and what we do.

3. The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved ” loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves. – Victor Hugo

– This quote by Victor Hugo is a sweet reminder that the people we love and who love us are essential to our happiness. The feeling of love and support is the greatest blessing that we should all be thankful for. We are social beings and it is our nature to find happiness not only within ourselves but with people who care for us. This happiness quote is one we should always keep in mind.

4. Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city. – George Burns

The image conjured by this happiness quote is the comforting assurance that we always have family and friends who are there for us. Sometimes when you feel weary in the face of problems and difficulties, just the thought that your family is always behind you no matter what is enough to put a smile on your face. Happiness is tantamount to family and friends.

5. The search for happiness is one of the chief sources of unhappiness. -Eric Hoffer, The Passionate State of Mind, 1954

– This quote appropriately summarizes how happiness is a decision to be made and not an end goal that we consciously seek for everyday.

This is just the start of your choice to be happy. I hope these happiness quotes have served their purpose. Just try to keep in mind what struck you the most and don’t forget to count your blessings every so often.

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What Are The Secrets Of Meditation?

by Trevor Johnson

Do you know the meditation secrets only masters should know? Meditation helps you become aware of every thought and feeling. Never to judge but to watch is a quality that can be developed only with meditation. It is in the watching you begin to understand the whole movement of thought and feeling. Meditation unlocks the power of awareness that leads you to power, patience and success. It shows you the reality of life and what your role is in it.

There are many forms of meditation which all basically focus upon opening the spiritual heart which is the center of love. The heart is also the seat of all spiritual qualities. One secret of meditation is unlocking this center for self-discovery, freedom and ecstasy that cannot be defined in words.

Meditation also works like an iron shield. It makes you immune to noise outside in the world. Nothing is able to touch you. Pain and pleasure cannot stir you. Material possessions cannot give you everlasting happiness but meditation leads you through higher aspirations to a unique self-sufficiency and purity. It sets you above physical desires and the tribulations of life appear to be no more than pin-pricks barely felt.

Grace, the fourth of meditation secrets, are regarded as the devine love and kindness of God. It increases our spiritual hunger and clears obstacles in our way. It is the way to the great alchemy that changes ignorance to knowledge, disbelief into believe. Grace is one of the main dynamic forces of meditation and one of the greatest secrets of a spiritual life.

Happiness and pleasure can be ‘bought’ for the short-term but not bliss. Means of entertainment, people, careers, property and all other material things provide us with a very surface level of contentment. Deep within we still continue to feel discontent despite everything. Bliss is a strange everlasting sense of joy and has no motive. Once it is there, depending on the quality of your mind, it remains timeless and causeless. This is the fifth secret of meditation and not easily achieved.

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Making Your Own Subliminal Messages Has Never Been Easier

by Trevor Johnson

Making your own subliminal messages is not a difficult task. We all hear these messages everyday but most people choose to ignore them completely.

Before you go out and buy the software to help you make your own subliminal messages, you need to understand what a subliminal message is exactly. Everyone has witnessed a commercial showing someone drinking alcohol, or lighting up a cigarette. Companies make these attributes seem cool to the consumer in a means to get them to participate in the same actions. It’s almost like brainwashing you into something that you had no idea you were being brainwashed to do. Subliminal messages are often times referred to as secret messages.

Many people are taking these messages and running with them. There are plethoras of subliminal message tapes available that claim that they can cure you of anything. People buy these tapes in hopes that it can help make them a better person. They can listen to the tapes when they are awake or asleep.

There are a plethora of people who truly do not understand subliminal messages. They will make jokes about their effectiveness, most of the time because they have never used them. These tapes can help you solve whatever ails you, be it depression, or stress.

When you are making your own subliminal message takes you need to watch the way that you word specific things. Many kits will come with a step by step process of how to record your messages and the certain things that you should say will be written on a script. If you mess anything up when you are recording, simply rewind and try again.

It has been shown, that with some people it takes hearing their own voice to actually get through to them.

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