True Prosperity 3 Money Myths

True Prosperity – The 3 Great Money Myths

The True Prosperity 3 money myths webinar is a complimentary online event presented by Evolving Wisdom with hosts Lynne Twist and Tammy White. The full title of this event is ‘The 3 Great Money Myths & Your Journey to Wealth’ An Online Training to Help You Eliminate Your Financial Stress and Put You on the Path to True Prosperity.

Both Lynne Twist and Tammy White are well known in the financial world and now after years helping people with money teaching them how to transform beliefs about money they have come together to share what they have learned. Lynne Twist The soul of money author is one of the most successful charity fundraisers one of her major successes was helping The Hunger Project generate or two million dollars. Tammy White has helped many transform their relationship with money and she is currently the strategic advisor to the Lynne Twist The Soul of Money Institute. During this Evolving Wisdom course event Lynne and Tammy will share the three money myths that they have found were most common and most detrimental with their clients.

Dealing with financial stress is what most people are challenged with whether they are living paycheck to paycheck or are financially well off. In fact, recent poll by the American Psychology Association found that money issues are the #1 source of stress for most Americans. One main reason for that is due to the common money myths that are ingrained in most of us. During the True Prosperity 3 Money Myths webinar Lynne and Tammy will explain that although there are many false beliefs about money there are 3 great money myths that keep you from experiencing the True Prosperity you desire. This event goes much further than just education however, because they also teach you how to get past these myths and open up and invite wealth into your life.

Now if you have attended financial webinars or taken money courses before this webinar is a breath of fresh air. After learning how to overcome the most dangerous money myths you will be able to put what you have learned into action right away. You will begin to see money as a friend instead of just coping with financial stress. By absorbing Lynne and Tammy’s knowledge you will stop seeing money as a source of stress, fear, anxiety, overwhelm, overwork and begin to you to create the life you dream of living, and that is really what True Prosperity is all about.

Regardless of where you are financially whether you are in debt or financially stable, these Money Myths are probably affecting you without your knowledge. If you have any, even minor, stresses that are affecting you then the Lynne Twist True Prosperity webinar is a must attend not only because it is free but after attending your entire relationship with money will be different and you will have the keys to actually create the prosperous and fulfilling life. To attend the True Prosperity 3 Great Money Myths you can go HERE