Upstream and Downstream Thoughts

upstream thoughts and downstream thoughts

One of my favorite discs from Abraham-Hicks is a disc that is accompanied by their book entitled “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” This disk is an excerpt from a Hicks seminar and the explanation and analogy of the information was greatly beneficial to me.

The disc and well as the book discuss life a stream. The concept is that you go with the flow of the stream whether you like it or not. If the stream is flowing you have no option but to follow the stream.

The Hicks use the analogy of the stream as life. They explain that when you are with the flow of positive emotions you are going downstream. When you are with the flow of negative thoughts you are going upstream.

When people are in an actual stream, they would never think of paddling against the current. The Hicks explain that life and emotions are that way as well. When you are feeling bad you are having upstream thoughts. You have deliberately turned your boat upstream and started paddling against the current. When you are having downstream thoughts you feel good and you have allowed the current of the stream to take you to your next destination and you are okay with that.

A great technique that I have used when I desire something or if I want to feel better is to actually visualize the stream in my mind. Imagine you are in a boat or canoe and see the things to want floating towards you. This use of visual imagery really does release resistance and promote a more positive thinking pattern.

The Hicks explain that if you just go with the flow of the stream it will take you to what you want. They go on to say that using this analogy is a great way to gauge where you are on the emotional scale. It is easy to know where you are in regards to your desires. If you are feeling bad you are going upstream and away from what you want. If you are feeling good you are going downstream and floating towards you desires.

Below is a brief video entitled: Abraham On The Stream