What is the Violet Flame of Transmutation?

What is the Violet Flame of Transmutation?When you hear about it the first thing you wonder is what is the Violet Flame of Transmutation?  I know when it crossed my path I wanted to know and I also did not know who St. Germain was.  In this brief post I will cover what the Violet flame is and who is St. Germain

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Who is St. Germain?

St. Germain is an Ascended Master even though the name implies Christianity.

St. Germain is an ascended master he is also called Master Rakoczi. His origins come from Theosophy and post-Theosophical teaching which mystical philosophies are.

Ascended masters are people who once were on earth and are now enlightened spiritual beings.  Some examples would also be Jesus Christ and Buddha.

In New Age beliefs He is a master of ancient wisdom and is associated with the color violet, the amethyst crystal or jewel, and the Maltese cross.

Saint Germain is known as “The God of Freedom for this system of worlds.”

What is the Violet Flame of Transmutation?

The Violet flame is a spiritual energy. This energy can help heal emotional and physical problems. The violet flame can transmute your past whether it be past traumas or mistakes of yourself or others.

Transmute means change in form, in the case of the Violet flame it can erase these past events.  The flame turns the negative into the positive, erases bad karma, and can even help the body heal.


How Does the Violet Flame work?

The flame works by changing the vibration of energy. It takes the negative energies and turns them into light.  This leaves you with a higher vibration and more energy spiritually.

The Violet flame is invoked by a prayer most often by doing a Violet Flame of Transmutation meditation. Depending on the meditation it may just be the flame or also contain St. Germain and a Maltese cross.

It goes past just mediation, you can use it to help others by visualizing it around them.  You can use it for spiritual protection as well as releasing traumas and negative emotions.

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