What Are the 24 Abundance Blocks?

What Are the 24 Abundance BlocksIf you are wondering what are the 24 Blocks here is some great news. There is an Unlimited Abundance Christie Marie Sheldon event coming up that will reveal common Abundance blocks, how to find them and what to do about them. This event is online and completely complementary but for the sake of your time we will give a short overview of what you can expect from the event.

When it comes to removing blocks there is no one better to help you than Christie Marie Sheldon. Christie is an energy healer and is considered one of the top experts in abundance and manifesting. During the Unlimited Abundance Live event Christie no only share with you the blocks she has discovered but also enlighten you to much more. The event is 90 minutes of pure content divided into six different sections

  • How Energy Clearing Works
  • Abundance Blocks And Why They’re Holding You Back From Wealth
  • Super easy manifesting formula + how to create your own reality
  • How Much Are Your’s Costing You?
  • How to open yourself to receiving more + tales of unlimited abundance
  • Plus you will get to participate in an energy clearing session with Christie Marie Sheldon
  • And More

What are The 24 Abundance Blocks? While you can know what they are if you do not know how to release blocks to manifestation they will not help you, however here are a few of them:

1     Clearing Resistance
2     Clearing doubt and fear
3      Clearing the fear of change
4     Clearing money zapping decisions
5     Clearing fear of growth
6     Clearing fear of success
7     Clearing fear of rejection
8     Clearing fear of numbers
9     Clearing indecision
10    Clearing feeling stuck

While these are only ten of the Christie Marie Abundance Blocks the rest will be available on the free training. It is important if you are seriously considering changing the state of you financial life that you know what to do with these blocks that is why the Christie decided to hold another Unlimited Abundance live event. Once you understand what abundance blocks are and what they are doing to your financial life, only then can you learn the abundance block clearing technique. Also what Christie shares with you during the event is priceless, the group energy clearing session, the correct way to master the “I AM” formula, the secret to money that you think you know, and actual Unlimited Abundance reviews from people who have had not only great monetary success but also extra manifesting success all by putting into practice Christies teachings.

If you believe there hidden Abundance Blocks holding your career, finances and personal life back more than likely there are and event if you don’t believe in energy healing or blocks by attending this event you will find that blocks are holding you back and you did not even know it. By joining energy coach Christie Marie Sheldon for this live event you can only walk away with positive changes. To attend the Unlimited Abundance Live Special training and find out the rest of what are the 24 abundance blocks you can go HERE